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The 5 Best Hydration Packs for Rollerblading

The 5 Best Hydration Packs For Rollerblading

When it comes to rollerblading, you can’t get very far without water. Like with any physical activity, it’s important to drink water regularly as you skate, especially if you’re going for extended periods of time. The standard recommendation is to consume seven to 10 ounces of water every 10 to 20 minutes during exercise. That’s a lot of water to have to carry around. Carrying around a water bottle, however, is inconvenient. And stopping at water fountains isn’t always an ideal solution, either. Sometimes you want to drink as you go, and that’s where the best hydration pack comes in handy.

Hydration packs are backpacks that contain a water bladder. They have an attached straw that you can easily access without stopping, making them ideal for use during physical activity. If you’re ready to ditch your water bottle, a hydration pack is a way to go.

The 5 Best Hydration Packs: Quenching your thirst

1. Reinos Hydration Backpack

Available in a wide variety of holographic colors, you will really stand out with this hydration backpack from Reinos. The insulated interior helps keep your water cool, and the included bladder provides two liters of water storage. The backpack itself is fully adjustable to allow for the perfect fit. 

REINOS Hydration Backpack

2. KUSTAR Hydration Pack

KUSTAR’s lightweight hydration pack comes with an easy-to-fill two-liter leak-proof bladder. Thermal insulation provides cooling for up to four hours, and the rotatable mouthpiece is easy to grab and use. The pack itself also features two storage pockets to hold onto snacks, keys, your phone, and other small items.

Kustar Hydration Pack

3. Arvano 6L Backpack

If you need storage and function, consider Arvano’s six-liter backpack. With room for a two-liter bladder, you will have plenty of space left over for storage. It’s worth noting, however, that Arvano sells its pack both with and without the two-liter bladder.

Arvano Hydration Pack Bike

If you already have a bladder at home that may not be an issue, but if you don’t, be sure to purchase the version that comes with the bladder. The bag itself is lightweight with adjustable straps, and the ergonomic design makes it ideal for extended periods of use.

4. CamelBak Cloud Walker 18

No list of hydration packs would be complete without an offering from CamelBak. This company has been making hydration packs and bladders– and doing it well– for a long time. The pack itself has a fair amount of storage space for spare clothing, food, and electronics.

CamelBak Cloud Walker 18

The Cloud Walker’s included reservoir features an ergonomic handle that makes refilling a cinch, an on/off lever to help reduce leakage, and a straw that delivers twenty percent more water than your standard bladder straw. The reservoir holds a whopping 2.5 liters, so if you’re looking for a hydration pack that will accommodate longer skates on hotter days, this may be a perfect choice.

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5. Osprey Duro 6

Osprey’s Duro 6 is designed for runners, but rollerbladers can benefit from many of its features, as well. The zippered reservoir sleeve creates a tight, ergonomic fit that is perfect for those who need speed.

The vest contains several small pockets for storage, as well as a breathable mesh exterior. The included water reservoir holds up to 1.5 liters of water, allowing you to carry enough liquid for a solid rollerblading session without adding too much weight to your back.

Osprey Duro 6 Running Hydration VestOsprey Duro 6 Hydration Vest

Reasons To Use A Hydration Pack

Hydration packs allow you to conveniently drink water without having to stop and open a bottle. Simply grab the straw and quench your thirst. This may help you drink more water than you would otherwise.

hydration packs

Another advantage of hydration packs is that oftentimes the bladders are larger than your typical water bottle. That means you can carry more water around with you, thus lowering the need to stop and refill.

Hydration packs also distribute your water’s weight throughout your shoulders and back, making them more ergonomic than simply holding a bottle. When you hold your water bottle in one hand, the weight of the bottle is entirely felt by one side of the body. That can result in your hand, arm, and shoulder getting sore. It can even cause you to adjust your posture to compensate, potentially leading to injuries.

Lastly, if you frequently skate while holding onto your water bottle, there’s a good chance you’ve dropped it before. The combination of bumpy roads and sweaty hands can send your bottle flying.

Not only is this a pain to retrieve, but there’s always the chance that your water bottle won’t survive the impact. Hydration packs are a little more durable and less prone to being dropped.

Best hydration pack

Final Thoughts

Hydration packs are a convenient way to ensure you drink enough water while out rollerblading. If you’re tired of relying on water bottles that are too small and difficult to hold onto, a hydration pack may be the perfect solution. Thank you for reading!

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