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Best Inline Skate Bags Reviewed

Best Inline Skate Bags Reviewed

Carrying skates around can be inconvenient and awkward. If you own a pair of inline skates, you need a quality skate bag to carry them around to parks and any other places where you want to go out skating.

The right bag should not only be able to accommodate your skates but also have enough room to hold any other accessories or items that you might want to bring with you – including a helmet, shoulder and knee pads, keys, and mobile devices among others. On top of all that, the right product should be built to last; and, also easy to carry around.

When shopping for an inline skate bag, you will find a huge variety of options on offer; from compact variants designed to carry a pair of skates only, and larger bags that can accommodate a wider selection of accessories and supplies – in addition to the skates – to multi-purpose variants that can be used in a variety of ways, and everything in between.

To make the task of choosing the right skate bag easier, read on for a list of the best products available on Amazon, as well as a few useful skate bag buying tips.

Top Five Skate Bags On Amazon

1. Athletico Ice & Inline Skate Bag

If you are looking for a high-quality rollerblade skate bag that not only has a lot of room to carry all your skating supplies and more, be sure to consider the Athletic Ice and Inline Skate Bag. This shoulder strap bag can also be used to carry all types of skates (ice and roller skates) in addition to rollerblades.

Athletico Inline Skate Bag


  • Spacious skate bag with two separate compartments for skates, a middle compartment for a change of clothes, and side pouches for smaller items such as keys
  • Designed from highly durable water-resistant polyester fabric
  • Supports free airflow with the inclusion of grommet vents for airflow


  • While it’s hard to find any downside to this bag, it does not support multi-purpose use like some of the options in this list.

2. TOPOWN Skate Bag

Another top-quality product, the Topown Ice skate and Roller skates bag is designed to be sturdy and durable, even with regular use in the most demanding conditions. This shoulder strap bag can be used to carry rollerblades, roller skates as well as ice skates.

Topown Inline Skate Bag


  • Sturdy and durable design and construction featuring strong nylon fabric, strengthened framework, and a plastic plate at the bottom
  • Lots of storage space with 2 vented skate pockets, separate pocket for skating supplies, back pocket for extra clothes or towels, mesh pocket for water bottle and Velcro covered smaller pocket for keys or mobile phone
  • Includes a personalized name tag for easy identification
  • Comes with two years of after-sales service from the manufacturer


  • Medium-sized bag not designed for carrying anything larger than skates and skating supplies

3. CRS Cross Skate Bag Backpack Converts to Rolling Bag

Looking for a skate bag featuring a number of convenient carrying options? This CRS Cross skate bag can be carried as a backpack, wheeled along as a rolling bag, or lifted using its front or top-mounted handles.

CRS Cross Skate Bag


  • A skate bag that can be used as a backpack or rolling pull bag, with comfy extra padded shoulder straps and a 40-inch telescopic pull handle, and high-quality wheels.
  • Tons of storage space including two dedicated rollerblade pockets, an extra larger middle compartment for clothes and other skating accessories, four smaller zippered pockets, and two water bottle pouches.


  • While the bag is sold by an American company, some buyers have reported some quality issues.

4. Bont Skates Multi-Sport Skate Backpack

For those looking for a larger capacity skate bag that can also accommodate a variety of large items in addition to a pair of rollerblades, the Bont Skates multipurpose skate backpack is a great option to consider.

Bont Skates Multi Sport Skate Backpack


  • Made from high-quality water-resistant material.
  • Large 28-liter skate backpack featuring a variety of storage compartments including 2 skate carrier pockets – with adjustable straps – and a laptop pouch among others.
  • Comfortable shoulder straps with extra padding and chest strap.


  • The side skate pouches may not be able to accommodate adult inline skates for men (Size 10 and above).

5. COOAK Roller Skate Bag

This pink-colored COOASK skate bag is perfect for those looking to keeps things simple with a colorful bag that is designed to perfectly fit rollerblades.

Cooak Roller Skate Bag for Kids and Adults


  • A highly affordable option for storing and carrying your inline skates
  • Made from high quality, durable, and easy to clean nylon material
  • Large vented main pocket for carrying rollerblades, roller skates, or ice skates
  • Adjustable shoulder strap


  • May not fit larger adult inline skates (Male size 10 and above)

Useful Skate Bag Buying Tips

To ensure that you end up buying the right skate bag the first time around, consider the following tips before you start shopping.

Materials and Construction

Skate bags experience a lot of abuse during use. To ensure that you get reliable and extended service from your new bag, it is important that you choose one made from a durable fabric. Sturdy construction, including the use of metal parts and framework supports, enhances the durability of each product. Furthermore, vented skate pockets allow for the free flow of air in and around the skates, enhancing moisture and odor dissipation after use.


Skate bags come in a variety of designs; from compact options that will only hold a pair of skates or larger multipurpose bags that can be used to carry all sorts of skating accessories and other items like water bottles and laptops among others.

Skate Bag Styles

While most skate bags bear a simple design with a single shoulder strap, backpack skate bags, roller or pull bags with wheels, and hardcover variants are also available.

Rollerblade Storage Bag

Final Thoughts

A skate bag is not only used for carrying skates but can also be used for storage purposes. The right bag should comfortably accommodate your skates; thus, facilitating convenient transportation, to and from skating venues. Furthermore, these bags can protect your skates from the elements during storage. In fact, the right bag plays a huge role in safeguarding your skates during storage and transportation.

Different bags are designed to meet the unique needs and preferences of different users. With the above list of some of the best skate bags, you should have an easier time finding your perfect fit.

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