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The 5 Best Light Up Rollerblade Wheels

The 5 Best Light Up Rollerblade Wheels

Light-up rollerblades have more utility than meets the eye, hence why they are popular. Undoubtedly, luminous wheels will spruce up the looks of the rollerblades. And the fact there are plenty of color and color schemes on the market, you can easily give your rollerblades a unique look that stands out from the crowd. Crucially, however, light-up rollerblade wheels serve more purpose than just looking good. They also help to enhance your safety. The bright lights emanating from the wheels make it easy for other road users to see you. Light-up rollerblade wheels are especially important when rollerblading at night.

The process of replacing a rollerblade wheel is simple and easy, anyone can get the job done, provided that they have the necessary tools and replacement wheel(s).

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Herein, we will explore some of the best light-up rollerblade wheels you can buy.

1. Rollerex 2-Pack Glowrider 92A LED Light Up Wheels With Bearings

With a blend of panache and quality, these light-up wheels are available in multiple color options and sizes. The wheels are perfect for customizing the look of your rollerblades while their bright lights improve your safety while riding both day and night time. The LED lights are embedded in the wheels, protecting them from the endowment. Consequently, the LED lights are durable and will not dim down after a couple of days of usage.

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led rollerblade wheels


High-Clarity LED Lights: The wheels have bright and clear lights ensuring they emit visible light during the day and night. With safety, the main reason why rollerbladers install luminous wheels, these wheels will undoubtedly improve your safety.

Options: There are plenty of options to choose from when buying this make of wheels. You can choose between 4 colors and 3 wheel sizes, with the wheels having a 24mm thickness.

Versatility: The wheels are designed with inherent versatility. As such, you can use the wheels on any product that uses inline skate wheels.

Simple Working Mechanism: The LED lights are powered by a magnetic core. This solution simplifies the working mechanism of lights and negates maintenance requirements. You do not have to open up the wheels every few days to recharge or replace a battery.

2. Katrinacoco 8pc Flash Inline Skate 90A Outdoor Wheels

Striking in design and robust in construction, these inline light-up wheels will light up your feet when riding at night. The wheels are made of superior polyurethane, which gives them exceptional durability and hardiness to withstand outdoor usage. Moreover, the 8 pieces are suitable to use in a wide variety of in-lines rollerblades. The only complaint you might have is the lack of preinstalled bearing.

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luminous wheels


Ample Color Option: Katrinacoco manufactures these wheels in a wide variety of colors, making it easy to match your taste and style. 

Clear LED Lights: Every wheel in the set comes with 4 LED lights that sparkle bright and clear. No matter the color you choose, the lights are visible and stunning, especially at night.

3. You-Beat-You-Land Light Up Led Inline Skates Wheels

Made of synthetic rubber, these light-up rollerblade wheels are a good choice for people looking for comfortable, smooth-riding while indoors and outdoors. The wheels come full-featured and ready to use. You also do not need any batteries with these wheels.

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luminous light up wheels


Multiple Color Choices: You can choose between blue, white, green, pink, and a multi-colored set when buying the wheels. Every wheel has 4 LED lights.

Bearing And Spacers: All of the wheels come with spacers and bearings, making installation easy and fast.

24mm Thick Rubber Wheels: The wheels are made of synthetic rubber.

4. Kutrick Light Up 80mm Inline Skate Wheels With Abec9 Bearing

The Kutrick 80mm luminous wheels come with the high-precision Abec9 bearing. Beyond a stunning look, you also benefit from a smooth, noise-free ride.

The super-bright luminous replacement wheels are renowned for being durable, yielding a high bang for your buck.

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luminous skate wheels


Abec9 Bearing: One of the selling points of these replacement wheels is the use of the Abec9 bearing. The bearing delivers a smooth and noise-free riding experience even when riding outdoors.

Durable PU: The wheels are made using a robust and durable PU. You do not have to replace your wheels every so often.

General Purpose Inline Wheels: You can use these replacement light-up wheels on any rollerblades make and model. The wheels and bearing are designed to fit in a wide variety of rollerblades.


5. TOBWOLF 4PCS 70mm 82A Light Up Inline Skate Replacement Wheels With ABEC-7 Bearings

These inline stake replacement wheels offer something different from other light-up wheels. Instead of a steady light up, they flash. The flushing function makes them more noticeable than regular lights. With a weight limit of 120 pounds, these wheels are perfect for kids and teens. You need to note, however, that the wheels are designed for indoor usage. With the hardness at 82A, the wheels will not hold up to the uneven and rough terrain.

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led skate wheels


High-Performance Wheels: The set of 4 wheels are made of high-rebound polyurethane wheels and contain the high-performance ABEC-7 bearings. The wheel compound and bearing give riders superior grip, and a comfortable and smooth ride.

3 Bright LED Lights In Each Wheel: Each wheel has 3 bright LED lights that flash as the wheels turn. The lights do not need batteries to function, reducing the maintenance requirements.

Easy To Install: While the wheels do not come with an inline replacement shaft, they are, nonetheless, easy to install.

Final Thoughts

Whether you want to improve your safety as you cruise along the road or you want to give your rollerblades a unique esthetic, any one of the light-up wheels will meet your needs. The luminous rollerblade wheels are inexpensive and long-lasting. Thank you for reading!

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