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The 5 Best Rollerblade Wrist Guards

The 5 Best Rollerblade Wrist Guards

When rollerblading, there are a few pieces of safety equipment that you may find helpful. Some of the basics include a helmet, elbow and knee pads, and a good wrist guard. These items help keep you safe and free from injury, and each of them is pretty important. Want to find the best rollerblade wrist guards out there? These are essentially gloves that go around your wrists, providing additional support in the event of a fall. The bones in your wrists and forearm are quite fragile and prone to breaking.

In spite of this, many of us have a natural tendency to use our hands to catch us when we fall. The force of the impact travels from the hand into the wrists and forearm, oftentimes leading to sprains and fractures. That is why a good wrist guard is so important when rollerblading. Falling is an inevitability, especially when you’re just starting out. If you’re in the market for a new pair of wrist guards– or you’re looking to upgrade– you’re in the right place.

5 Best Rollerblade Wrist Guards

1. Andux Ski Gloves

Perfect for skiing, skating, or skateboarding, Andux’s ski gloves feature an adjustable hook and loop clinch that helps secure your wrist snugly in place. The fabric is flexible and comfortable enough to allow for a good range of motion, while still offering superior support and protection. The glove comes in multiple sizes, so it’s ideal for just about any wrist.

Andux Ski Gloves

2. Flauto Wrist Guard

This velcro wrist strap is fully adjustable and mostly open in the back to allow for air circulation and to prevent overheating. The material itself is also breathable, so even the spots of your hand that is covered can remain comfortable and cool. Made from an impact-resistant shell, these gloves also include padding over the palm to help protect against scuffs and bruises.

Flauto’s gloves are available in multiple sizes, as well, to help ensure the perfect fit. These gloves are perfect for rollerblading, but also tough enough to provide protection during multiple sports, including skateboarding and motocross.

Flauto Wrist Guard

3. Gonex Protective Gear Set

Gonex’s protective gear set comes with everything but the helmet, including knee pads, elbow pads, and a pair of wrist guards, in addition to an easy-to-carry storage bag so you can keep all your safety gear in one place.

Gonex Protective Gear Set

The wrist guards feature an easy-to-adjust Velcro design that straps on to your hands. Made from a comfortable and breathable material that helps reduce sweating and prevent overheating, these wrist guards are ideal for all-day usage.

Gonex’s set is available in small, medium, or large, and they come in either black or pink.

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wrist guard

4. Wemfg Protective Gear Set

Available in multiple colors including pink, black, and blue, this protective set was designed for kids/youth. The included wrist guards are durable and comfortable with enclosed wrists and a velcro strap to help adjust the fit. Sizes include toddlers and youth.

Each set not only comes with adjustable wrist guards for each arm but also adjustable elbow and knee pads. This is a budget-friendly option that is also available with a one-year warranty.

Wemfg Protective Gear SetWemfg Kids Wrist Guard

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5. JBM Protective Gear Set

JBM is a well-known brand, and their protective gear set is highly regarded for its quality. In addition to the standard elbow and knee pads, the kit also includes a fully adjustable wrist guard. EVA padded material helps keep your wrists snugly protected, and the built-in impact resistance provides additional protection during a fall.

JBM Protective Gear Set

These wrist guards and the whole gear set are perfect for beginners and advanced skaters alike. JBM’s gear set is available in multiple sizes, ranging from youth to adult, and it even comes with a one-year warranty.

Why use rollerblade wrist guards?

When you fall forward, the natural tendency is to stick your hands out. As we mentioned earlier, the sensitive bones in your wrists and forearms are not built to withstand this kind of impact. The end result, many times, is a broken bone that can take weeks or even months to fully heal. Not only does that mean no rollerblading (after all, you don’t want to re-injure yourself,) but also difficulty performing many basic activities.

wrist guards

If you’re wondering how effective wrist guards really are, don’t just take our word for it. Scientific studies have confirmed the benefits of wrist guard usage, as well. For example, one study done by researchers at the University of Windsor in Canada noted that wrist guards were, indeed, effective at reducing the risk of injury to the elbows and wrist during a forward fall.

Final Thoughts

If you’re prone to falling, wrist guards are a must. Try one of the options on our list for the best rollerblade wrist guards and protect your bones today. Thank you for reading!

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