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The 6 Best Rollerblades for Kids

The 6 Best Rollerblades For Kids

If you’re looking for a way to get your kids out of the house this summer, consider buying them some rollerblades. Not only will they love the surprise, but rollerblading is a fun and healthy pastime that can inspire a love for physical activity into adulthood. There is a bit of a learning curve involved with rollerblading, but starting your kids young gives them plenty of time to develop their skills as they grow.

Finding the perfect rollerblade, however, can be a pretty daunting task. You don’t want something so cheap that it breaks after the first use, but if your child is still growing or isn’t sure if they will want to stick with the sport, you likely don’t want to spend an arm and a leg on a new pair of skates, either.

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly pair of skates that your child can learn on, read on for the 6 best rollerblades for kids.

6 Best Rollerblades For Kids

1. Ling Kids Roller Blades

Made for performance while looking downright cool, Ling’s Kids Roller Blades are made from an aluminum frame and polyurethane wheels. The ventilated mesh interior allows for breathability, and with three safety mechanisms to help keep your foot in place, these rollerblades were built with safety and comfort in mind. Whether your child is learning to skate outside or at the roller rink, these skates are a great way to learn.

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Ling Kids Roller Blade

Ling Kids Roller Blades

2. CLEBAO Adjustable Inline Roller Skates

CLEBAO’s skates are made to grow with your child’s foot. Each skate is fully adjustable– you can even extend the length of the boot with the press of a button.

CLEBAO Inline Skate

CLEBAO Inline Skates

If you’re concerned about your child growing out of their skates, these make for a great option. And at a price that won’t hurt the wallet too much, these skates are almost too good to be true.

3. New Bounce Adjustable Inline Skates

Budget-friendly and easily adjustable, each New Bounce inline skate comes with a satisfaction guarantee. With gel wheels and two adjustable buckles, these skates have everything your little one needs for their first rollerblades. And because the boot can be adjusted to three different sizes, they will fit your child for years to come.

New Bounce Inline Skate

New Bounce Adjustable Inline Skates New Bounce Inline Skates

4. Warp Children’s Inline Skates

Warp’s inline skates are for kids who crave speed. Warp used ABEC7 bearings to improve performance and create a smooth, fast ride. Designed for indoor or outdoor rollerblading, these skates are versatile for kids who may want to skate at a rink or outdoors with friends.

Warp Children’s Inline Skates

Warp Children's Inline Skate

One thing to note is that these are a little bit advanced– they may not be ideal for your child’s first pair of rollerblades, but if they have some background knowledge of how to skate, they are sure to love these. They’re on the pricier side for children’s skates, but if it’s a hobby your child enjoys and is sticking with, these are worth the investment.

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5. Scale Sports Adjustable Inline Skates

If you’re looking for a basic, inexpensive skate that your child can beat up and learn outdoors, Scale Sports has the skate for you. They feature a triple closure combination that helps secure the rider’s foot in place, providing superior stability and ankle support. The self-illuminating front wheel helps allow for added visibility in low-light conditions, and a soft inner lining means these skates are comfortable even after extended periods of use.

The ABEC-7 bearings provide plenty of speed for cruising and the plastic shell is sufficiently durable without breaking the bank. These are truly the perfect skate for learning.

Scale Sports Inline Skate

Scale Sport Adjustable Inline Skates

6. 2PM Sports Fun Flashing Roller Skates

For the child who lights up your life, there is 2PM Sports’ Flashing Roller Skates. The illuminated wheels light up in all sorts of colors, with no battery necessary. These skates aren’t just pretty, either. They are fully adjustable to grow with your child’s foot and built to provide smooth, consistent performance.

2PM Sports Inline Skate

2PM Sports Illuminating Inline Skates

These skates feature a durable reinforced aluminum frame that can withstand a great deal of wear and tear. The polyurethane wheels use ABEC-7 bearings, as well, so they are quite fast and responsive. Best of all, the manufacturer includes a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Final Thoughts

While it may take some patience and practice, roller skates can provide hours of entertainment for your child once they get the hang of it. Any of the options on our list would make an excellent choice for the best rollerblades for kids.

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One important point to note, however, is that simply purchasing a pair of rollerblades doesn’t mean your child is ready to go out and use them. It is absolutely essential to make sure they also have the proper safety gear– a helmet is an important safety device, as are knee pads, elbow pads, and wrist guards. But, with the appropriate safety gear and a good pair of beginner rollerblades, your child can have hours of fun. Thank you for reading!

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