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The 4 Best Rollerblades for Women

The 4 Best Rollerblades For Women

If you’re a female skater, you understand the challenge of finding a skate designed to fit a woman’s feet. While men’s skates are a dime a dozen, women’s can be a little trickier to come by. Many skates come in women’s sizes, but they are not necessarily designed with comfort for smaller feet in mind. The lack of ideal options can be quite discouraging, but rest assured that there are manufacturers out there who create skates that are ideal for female rollerblades. If your search has so far been fruitless, this guide is here to help. Let us help you find your next– or first– pair of skates. The models on our list are the four best rollerblades designed exclusively for women or made in unisex sizes.

4 Best Rollerblades For Women

1. RollerBlade Twister Edge

No list of skates is complete without at least one slot going to RollerBlade. Made for women, the high-end Twister Edge features a molded shell, shaped ankle padding, and micro-adjustable buckles. If you’re looking for a skate with stellar ankle support, great power transfer, and responsive wheels, Twister Edge fits the bill. Designed for urban riders, these skates are perfect for long rides around the park. They are easily maneuverable, have durable wheels and bearings, and provide a smooth ride that is perfect for learning.

Rollerblade Twister Edge

Rollerblade Twister Edge Inline Skate

2. Rollerblade Bladerunner Advantage Pro XT Women’s Adult Fitness Inline Skate

Bladerunner Advantage Pro XT skates are perfect for adults. Budget-friendly and features for complete comfort and control, these are the perfect skate to learn on. The built-in composite frame design allows the skate to be closer to the ground for a lower center of gravity which helps beginners with stability, shock absorption, and control.

Bladerunner Advantage Pro XT

Bladerunner Advantage Pro XT Women Inline Skate

The wheel and bearing combo are perfect for the beginner so the ride is not as intimidating but still provides a smooth easy roll. They feature ABEC-7 bearings, which provide for plenty of speed without going too fast– something that is important for beginners who are just learning to control their skates.

3. CLEBAO Adjustable Inline Roller Skates

Another fantastic unisex skate option that is available in a variety of colors, CLEBAO’s skates are made from durable aluminum alloy. If you want a strong skate that can take a beating without breaking the bank, consider CLEBAO’s. Lightweight and built with beginners in mind, these roller skates can be easily adjusted to fit any size of foot. They are available in either pink or blue and the wheels actually illuminate, providing greater visibility in low-light conditions and looking pretty flashy in the process.

CLEBAO Adjustable Inline Skate

CLEBAO Inline Skates Illuminating wheels

4. RollerBlade Zetrablade

Fast, comfortable, and durable, RollerBlade’s Zetrablade is built for learning. With wheels that are responsive and moderately fast, you can cruise without losing control. The padded liner helps improve the feel and fit of the skate, while a high cuff provides superior ankle support.

Rollerblade Zetrablade Inline Skate

 Rollerblade Zetrablade Inline SkateRollerblade Zetrablade Women Inline Skate

Another useful feature of these skates is that the bearings can be upgraded over time, so once you are comfortable skating and want to achieve faster speeds, you can easily swap out the standard bearings for a faster set. The upgradability makes these absolutely worth the investment.

Tips For New Skaters

  • First, learn to balance. Before you can run, you must first learn to walk. And before you can skate, you need to learn how to stand on them without falling. Find a patch of grass away from sticks, plants, and anything sharp. Put on your skates, and practice standing and walking around. It may seem painfully simple, but it really does take a minute to get the hang of balancing on rollerblades, and you’re much more likely to fall until you find your balance. Once you’ve mastered simply standing and walking, you can move on harder ground.

best rollerblades for adults

  • Find an open area without vehicle traffic. When you’re learning to skate, you don’t want to have to worry about oncoming cars. If you can, try and find a long stretch of sidewalk or a bike path to practice. At the very least, do this until you get a firm handle on how to brake. If you have a patio or cement patch near your house, that may be an ideal practice space. It isn’t glamorous, but learning to brake is pretty important before you start tackling places with traffic and pedestrians.


  • Don’t go too fast. When you’re new to skating, you may have an image in your head of lacing up your skates and cruising down the sidewalk. This image may become a reality after a great deal of practice, but for new skaters, speed can spell disaster. Keep it slow to start, and if you find yourself moving too fast, gently apply the brakes. Too much speed too soon can lead to injury. For now, focus on controlling your motions over speeding down the street.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for a fun way to get active, or you just want to get outside more, consider roller skating. While finding the perfect pair of rollerblades can be a challenge– especially for women– it can absolutely be done. You can find your next best pair of rollerblades for women from the list above. Thank you for reading our article!

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