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Rollerblade Maintenance: Brake Pad Replacement

Rollerblade Maintenance: Brake Pad Replacement

Rollerblading is a great way to enjoy the great summer weather, explore your surroundings, and also get a healthy workout. However, before you put on your rollerblades and get down to the fun part, it is important to start by ensuring that they are in perfect condition.

While seasoned skaters may not need them as much, rollerblade brakes are a must-have for all beginners; as well as any skater who has not been rollerblading for a while. Rollerblade brake pads play an essential role in ensuring safety while skating. These brakes give you complete control when skating by providing all the stopping power you need when on the move.

Due to regular wear and tear during use, rollerblade brake pads need to be replaced every now and then, to ensure that the brakes retain their braking capabilities. If the brake pad on your rollerblades is showing signs of excessive wear – or is no longer capable of providing the necessary stopping power – it is time to replace it.

Failure to replace the brake pads when they have reached the wear limit – as indicated by the maximum wear point – not only puts your safety at risk but also leads to unnecessary damage to the brake pad mount.

Any wear past this point may necessitate the replacement of the brake pad mount, due to damage to other components of the braking system.

To find out everything you need to know about rollerblade brake pad replacement read below.

What Tools Do You Need?

The process of replacing a rollerblade brake pad is simple and straightforward. In fact, anyone can get the job done, provided that they have the necessary tools and replacement pad(s).

Here’s a simple breakdown of the supplies you need to replace a worn-out rollerblade brake pad, on your own, at home.

First and foremost you need to have a few important supplies, including an Allen key wrench, Phillips Screwdriver, and new high-quality replacement brake pads. If the brake on your rollerblade is worn past the indicated wear limit, leading to additional damage, you might need to change the brake mount/housing as well.

Skate Tools

Rollerblade Brake Pad Replacement Process

Depending on the way in which the brake pad is attached to the housing, there are two replacement methods. For most rollerblades one of the following methods will be required:

1. Horizontal Brake Pad Attachment

In some skates, the screw attachment holding the brake pad to the housing is positioned on the side – horizontally. To get a clear view of the screw, just turn the skate over on its side.

  • Armed with your Phillips head screwdriver, remove the screw holding the pad in place. Be sure to keep stock of all the fastening equipment – screws, washers, and bolts if any – used to secure the brake pad.
  • Now, remove the old brake pad and insert the new one in its place. Tighten the screw after replacing the brake pad to ensure that it can provide the necessary braking power needed to bring you to slow down whenever called upon.

2. Vertical Rollerblade Brake Pad Attachment

In some other skates, the brake pad is normally held in place by a screw that is positioned vertically, from the bottom. To gain access to the screw, you will need to flip the skate upside-down.

  • With the skate upside down, use the Allen key to remove the rear wheel. To do this, you will have to place the skate on its side and unfasten the rear wheel axle. Remove the axle and accompanying washers, before taking the wheel off.
  • Flip the skate upside down to get a clear view of the screw holding the brake pad to the housing. Unfasten the screw using a Phillips head screwdriver; and, remove the worn brake pad.
  • As you pick apart the brake pad attachment mechanism, don’t forget to get the washer and bolt hidden inside the housing – it will come loose as you unfasten the brake pad screw.
  • Position the new bolt inside the brake pad housing before positioning the new brake pad in place. Put the new screw in place, and after lining it up with the bolt and washer, screw it back in tightly.
  • Put the rear skate wheel back in place.

Inline Skate Brake Pad

Replacing Rollerblade Brake Pad Mount/Housing

As previously mentioned you will need to replace the entire brake attachment/mount, if it is damaged.

To remove the entire brake attachment, you will have to start by removing the rear wheel. After this, pull the brake mount/housing from the skate by detaching the plastic clips that hold it onto the bottom of the skate. Replace the damaged mount with a new one before putting the rear wheel back in place.

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rollerblade brake replacement

Top 4 Rollerblade Brake Pads Replacement

1. Rollerblade Standard Brake Pad, Black

If you rarely use your rollerblade’s brake, then the Rollerblade Standard Brake pad might be all you need. Sold as a single rubber brake pad, the package also includes a screw and nut.

rollerblade standard brake pad


• Compatible with multiple rollerblade brands

• High-quality rubber material provides great stopping power

• Easy to install

2. Yikko Inline Roller Skates Brake Pads Replacement Accessories for 72 / 76mm Wheels

Designed for use on adult in-line skates with 72/76 mm wheels only, this product is a great option for those looking to replace the brake pad and brake mount on their inline skates. Sold as a single product, the package includes a new rear wheel axle.

Inline Roller Skates Brake Pads


• Brake pad made from durable rubber material

• Can be installed on the right or left-footed skate

• Easy installation


• Only fits rollerblades with 72/76mm wheels

3. K2 Sports Inline Skate Brake Stopper (Black)

For those with K2 rollerblades manufactured from 1998 to the present, the K2 Sports Inline Brake pad is the perfect fit. Sold as a single brake pad, the package also includes an attachment screw and stopper/nut.

K2 Sport Inline Skate Brake Stopper


• A perfect replacement for K2 inline skates

• Durable


• May not fit rollerblades from other brands

4. Yikko 2PCS Inline Roller Skate Brake Pads And Frames

Designed for those looking to replace the rollerblade brake pad plus mount, these Yikko Inline rollerblade brake pads are sold as a pair. The package also includes two-axle screws and nuts.

Inline Roller Skate Brakes Stopper Replacement


• Fit most rollerblades

• Can be installed on either left or right skate

• Powerful braking power thanks to the double-axle installation


• Do not fit all rollerblades – check the measurements before ordering to confirm a perfect fit

Final Thoughts

Rollerblade brakes are designed to ensure safety when skating. If the brake pad on your rollerblades is worn out from previous use, it is highly recommended that you replace it with a new one.

Armed with the right tools, replacement parts, and knowledge, it only takes a few minutes to replace a worn-out rollerblade brake pad.

rollerblade maintenance

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