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Top 5 Hockey Rollerblades

Top 5 Hockey Rollerblades

When the ice hockey season comes to a close, there is no need to become a couch potato waiting months on end for the onset of another season. There are plenty of ways you can keep your skills sharp and body in shape. Just swap your blades for wheels, and you are set. Investing in the best hockey rollerblades makes for some fun experience while still sharpening your hockey skills.

However, you cannot pick up any inline skates and head to your neighborhood park for a game. While the rollerblades market is awash with options, the inline skates you buy to play hockey need to be comfortable, moisture-wicking, and lightweight and offer plenty of grips, speed, agility, and ample stopping capability.

Herein is a list of some of the best hockey rollerblades on the market.

1. LIKU Black Professional Inline Skates Unisex

Designed for comfort and safety, the LIKU Black Professional Inline Skates Unisex ticks many of the boxes you would want in your hockey rollerblades. Additionally, these unisex rollerblades are designed and manufactured for durability. The materials that go into these rollerblades are specifically chosen to offer a balance of performance and durability. Moreover, the designers and engineers have optimized every part of the inline skates to last as long as possible with no performance depreciation.

Liku Black Inline Skate

LIKU Black Professional Inline Skates Unisex


Thick Shoe Shells: Thick shoe shell ensure LIKU Black Professional Inline Skates buyers enjoy these skates for a long time. Ventilation is designed into the shoe shell, with the front, sides, and back having ventilation holes. Additionally, the shells have been engineered as low balance structures that improve your lateral support, balance, and control.

Buffering Heel: The heels have shock absorbers integrated inside. They absorb much of the shock generated while you ride. This feature further improves your ride quality.

One Piece Frame: As the main weight-bearing structure on the rollerblades, the one-piece frame can take a beating without breaking, which is perfect for aggressive riding.

High-Quality Bearing: Bearings on these rollerblades are made using a rust-resistant aluminum alloy, perfect for durability and performance. The bearings are optimized for high-strength skating.

Removable Thick Lining: The EVA elastic cotton lining provides your feet with ample cushioning. The material has good plasticity, and it has been manufactured to provide ventilation and breathability as essential characteristics for a more comfortable experience. Finally, you can machine wash the lining after a sweaty afternoon of riding.

High Elastic Wheels: To further protect your feet from impact, these rollerblades have high-elastic with wheels that can offset any impact, thereby protecting your ankles and knees. Additionally, the PU wheels are wear-resistant while producing ample grip for perfect speed control and balancing.

Secure Closure: To enhance your safety, the rollerblades have a triple safety system. It comes with a strap, safety buckle, and lace closure system, which complement the reinforced uppers. The triple safety system secures your feet in the skate and gives you a better fit. Furthermore, the Integrated Shell and Frame System gives skaters enhanced security with more stability and control.

2. 5th Element ST-80 Urban Inline Skates

Speed and maneuverability for hockey rollerblades. You always want the freedom to move around with speed and change direction on a dime when playing hockey. The 5th Element ST-80 Urban Inline Skates are designed to provide users with supreme confidence while playing hockey. These inline skates become somewhat of an extension of your body as they allow you to maneuver around with ease.


Ratcheted Ankle Strap: The rockered frame and ratcheted ankle strap provide skaters with ample exceptional stability and comfort, making long-term skating comfortable and enjoyable.

Traditional Lacing System: The Lacing system makes wearing and removing these rollerblades easy and straightforward. Importantly, it secures the skates on your feet and gives you a snug fit.

Lightweight Frame: A lightweight frame is less tiring. You can skate for hours on end without fatiguing your feet or getting sores. Moreover, the overall lightweight design of the skates allows skaters to accelerate and decelerate with ease.

Wheels Optimized For Street Use: The 80 mm wheels have a durometer of 84A. As such, they have been perfected for urban riding. Playing hockey in your local park will become an enjoyable experience.

5th Element ST-80

5th Element ST-80

3. Rollerblade Zetrablade Elite Women’s Adult Professional Fitness Inline Skates

For ladies looking to catch a hockey game, the Zetrablade Elite Women’s Adult Skates are a good choice. These hockey rollerblades have been developed to suit the needs of women who play hockey while still being affordable.


High Cuff Support: Given the importance of comfort, the high cuffs come in handy. They support the ankles, reduce fatigue, and lowering the risk of injury while skating.

Monocoque Frame: The monocoque frame ensures these stakes are durable. Notably, the monocoque has a low center of gravity, which improves the stability of the rider.

Wheels Optimized For Outdoor Skating: They come with 80 mm PU wheels with an 82A durometer rating. As such, they can withstand the rigor of playing outdoors.

Rollerblade Zetrablade Elite

Rollerblade Zetrablade Elite

Quality Performance Liner: You get a comfortable performance liner with a breathable upper (from the engineered mesh) that provides excellent cooling. Moreover, they also have a speed lacing closure system for an enhanced fit.

Other notable features include a secure closure and 360 degrees wrap for the perfect fit.

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4. Rollerblade Macroblade 100 3WD Mens Adult Professional Fitness Inline Skate

For men looking for speed and enhanced stability as play hockey, the Macroblade 100 3WD Men’s Fitness Inline Skates are an excellent choice. They are designed for high performance, safety, and durability. With a design meant to improve your performance as you skate, there is little down these rollerblades will keep you in shape and hockey skills at their sharpest.


3 Wheel Drive: While these rollerblades have three wheels, they offer exceptional stability, lateral support, and performance. Three wheels create lower rolling resistance, allowing skaters to gain speed fast. The improved lateral support improves stability while training.

TwinBlade Aluminum Frame: The frame is 10.8″ with a low-profile design for a low center of gravity. This improves balance.

Outdoor Skating-Optimized Wheels: The 100 mm wheels have an 85A durometer. As such, you can use these rollerblades outdoor comfortably.

Robust Shoe: With a mesh upper, the shoes are breathable. The comfort padding around the ankle improves comfort further.

Other features include power straps, speed-lace closure, and aluminum buckles.

Rollerblade Macroblade 100 3WD

Rollerblade Macroblade 100 3WD

5. TOUR Adult FB-LG72 Inline Goalie Skates 

If you are looking to sharpen your goalie skills, you need rollerblades that will meet your needs as a goalie. Comfort and support around your ankles are priorities given the myriad of stances you have to take while keeping the pucks out of the goal. Goalies designed the FB-LG72 Inline Goalie Skates for goalies. Every aspect of the inline skates has been optimized to give you ample comfort and support.


Comfort Features – They come with COMPWEAVE Quarter Construction, which provides excellent comfort without sacrificing protection. Moreover, these rollerblades have DryWick quilted lining that wicks away sweat while allowing maximum airflow to keep your feet cool. Additionally, the rollerblades have a lateral support system and a reinforced ankle stabilizer that protect your ankles while giving you an excellent road feel.

Tour Predator 9 Frame: A strong frame that can take the twists and turns you have to make while in goal.

Thor Guardian Pro Wheels: Grippy wheels that keep you stable and your movement sublime.

Tour Adult FB-LG72

Tour Adult FB-LG72

Final Thoughts

While hockey rollerblades might not accurately match the thrill of skating on ice, they are the next best thing. And when you buy rollerblades designed and built for hockey, you increase the chances of enjoying everything about playing hockey significantly.

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